Saturday, August 30, 2008

What the...?

Sorry, I just couldn't resist that title. Have you ever seen the alltel commercial where they go to the wizard's house during dinner? Sean loves that one! The guy with the 'phro says, "What the?" That cracks Sean up and now he says it all the time. So it seemed to fit.

Sean wears ear plugs at night and this is what Piersen decided to do with them. I swear if this kid went to school, he'd be the class clown in no time at all. He can't get through dinner without acting up and trying to get a laugh out of us. He loves the attention!
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Five Years

This photo was taken about five minutes after Sean proposed. I was so happy I thought I would burst. Today we are celebrating five years together. I guess you could say our courtship was a whirlwind of sorts. We went on our first date on May 14, 2003. He asked me to marry him on June 30th, and we were married on August 23rd. A little over three months wouldn't be long enough for most people, but we just knew. The first time we talked about marriage was on our first date!

I clearly remember the first time we mentioned love. We had been seeing each other a little over a week, and we were snuggling on the bed. He put his hand on my face and said "I love you" very softly. I just looked at him for a few seconds, and then he asked, "What do you think about that?" And I replied, "I don't know how, but I love you too." I still remeber our words exactly. It seemed incredible, even to me, that I could be in love with him so quickly, but I knew, without a doubt, that I was.

And that's how it has always been for me. Without a doubt. I answered yes without a doubt. I said I do without a doubt. I go to bed every night and wake up every morning without a doubt. I know that God made Sean just for me. And I am grateful every day. I love Sean more than I could ever express in words to him. But I think he knows. Because I think he loves me just as much. It feels so good to be loved so completely. I am truly blessed.

The past five years have been filled with such joy and love. I can't wait to find what the next fifty or so have in store for us. Happy Anniversary, Sweetie. Love, Babycakes.
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Monday, August 18, 2008


Do you know the Nester? If not, you are missing out on one of the funnest places in Blogland. (Yes, I know funnest is not a word. What are you an English teacher?) Anyway, her mistreatments are to die for. To. Die. For. So, even though I kinda know how to sew, I finally jumped on the mistreating bandwagon and made some of my own. This is my favorite: my new bedskirt. I use the term bedskirt quite loosely here. After we stole Kaylee's bed for our own and put it up on these riser things that Mary gave us, the bedskirt was way too short, and way too plain. Enter $1/yard fabric that I found at Wal-Mart. Three (or four, I can't remember) yards ripped down the middle makes quite an economical bedskirt, dontcha think? I just gathered and safety-pinned the ripped edge all the way around.
I just safety-pinned it right to the existing white bedskirt that was already on it. You know I'm too lazy to yank that thing out from under the matress, right? I absolutely love the way it turned out. It added a liitle oomph.

Next up is the living room window. Once again, I used $1/yard fabric from Wal-mart. I know, right? You can't see well in the pics, but it's the cutest little miniature brown-on-brown houndstooth. I just folded, folded and clipped.....completely a la Nester. It turned out so cute. I also mistreated the bookcases in front of the window, I used upholstery tacks and just tacked some leftover brown fabric fom the back door right to the top edge of the cases. It hides all of our school books and doo-dads and looks like a pretty little table in front of the window where I can put cutesy stuff.

Last, but not least, the back door. Same as the front for the curtains. This time with dark brown fabric. Uh-huh. One dollar a yard. I love me some Wal-Mart. The faux shade is leftover houndstooth from the front window. I folded about an inch under at the top and tacked it right to the wall. Than I hot-glued on some fringe and Voila! Instant prettiness on both ends of the great room for the grand total of about $20. (Please ignore the blue near the ceiling, I haven't quite finished painting.
Well, I hope you've enjoyed my little Nesteresque post. I am so grateful to her for all the inspiration. I wish I had some better pictures, but getting shots of windows during the day is not easy. And I was out of town all weekend, so I'm scurrying to get this included in her mistreatment party. Hope everyone has a blessed day!
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