Saturday, July 19, 2008

So cool!

Don't you wish your parents were as cool as we are? Dude, we let our kids ride their bikes in the house! Are we the coolest parents ever!? Okay, so actually, I am a poser and Sean is the coolest parent ever becasue it was totally his idea. And at first I went along with it even thought it kinda drove me bonkers, but now I'm totally down with it. Because I don't do summer. And bike rides outside in hundred degree weather are not my thing. I can't really handle sweating my butt off while Libby drags me down the street trying to keep up with the little speed demons. (I only do that at eight-o'clock in the morning.) But I can handle doing chores or surfing the web while they do laps around our great room. They get exercise and let off energy and I get to stay in the air-conditioning. It's a win-win situation. And it makes us look cool.
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mj said...

Mitzi, you are a cool mom. And if it means not having to go outside when it's hot, I'm all for bikes in the house!

Stephanie and Paul said...

So cool. My mom was never this cool.

Katie said...

Hi, Mitzi! So fun to meet other people with my same last name!! Speaking of fun...yeah, riding bikes through the house is one of those things! Too cute!