Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life in the Dirt Hole

Today, Sean is outside pressure-washing the house. And Piersen.........well, Piersen is outside smearing dirt on the freshly washed house. We have this nice little, let's call it a sinkhole, out in the backyard next to the house. We call it Libby's dirt hole. Because, although Libby is supposed to be an inside dog, she like to spend the entire day outside during the winter and part of the day in summer. And it's freakin' hot here. So she dug herself a nice, cool, little spot right up next to the foundation. Ain't that lovely? So when it rains it becomes a big mud puddle. And what could be more delightful to a little boy than a big inviting mud puddle? Not much, I'll tell ya.
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