Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pancake Eatin'

We like pancakes. Well, duh!.......I guess everyone likes pancakes, don't they? But makin' pancakes on Sunday mornin' before church is just so darn fun. Don't you love our cute Vera Bradley aprons? Thanks, Robin and Lisa! And the gingerbread man apron Piersen is wearing was a Christmas gift from Old Navy a couple of years ago. Thanks, Nana! The kids love to help me and I love when they do. (HA! Did you believe that? I wish I loved when they help reality it stresses the crap out of me when they are in my kitchen. But since I would like them to actually know how to cook when they get older, and, ofcourse, since they adore helping, I am trying really hard to learn how to love when they help me.) Anyhoo, as I was saying, I just love baking with my kiddos. And then we get to eat yummy pancakes. The best out there if you ask me. Here is a link. Go make them. They are the best pancakes in the whole wide world.

What really gives me a kick is how we all eat them differently. Allow me to illustrate.

Sean eats them with maple syrup now. (I find this amusing because I am the one who insisted we had to switch real life maple syrup beacause it was better, but I don't actually care for it. I would rather eat the thick, imitation kind. Weird, I know.) He spreads on butter, pours on syrup, and cuts them with his fork as he goes.

Mitzi spreads on butter and cuts them into uniform bites. Then she pours on the fake syrup, but only in small sections, because she hates for them to get soggy. Like I said, she's weird.

Piersen spreads on butter, cuts them himself with a fork and dips into the little puddle of syrup that he pours on his plate. (He doesn't care which kind.)

Kaylee never eats more than one pancake. And she doesn't use butter or syrup. That's because she is a princess, and her pancake is the only one with chocolate chips in it.

I love to see all of our differences intermingled with all of our similarities.

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